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Paul Lathrop

About Paul Lathrop

Paul Lathrop is the Deputy Director of New Media for the Second Amendment Foundation (www.saf.org). He started his work in second amendment media as the owner and co-executive producer of the Polite Society Podcast on the Self Defense Radio Network (www.sdrn.us).

Paul has had a lifelong familiarity with guns having grown up in Rural South Dakota and has most recently become deeply involved with the topic of self-defense. His growing displeasure with the state of the nation and the state of our government caused him to create the politics and guns podcast in early 2012. Since then the show has had a re-branding as the Polite Society Podcast and has grown to over 100 thousand monthly views and podcast downloads..

Some of the shows that Paul has a hand in producing are:

The Polite Society Podcast


The Daily Bullet


The Weekly Bullet


The Armed Society Podcast


The Second Amendment Foundation’s annual Gun Rights Policy Conference.


The 2020 2a Rally for Our Rights


He is also the video producer for Eye on the Target Radio


Paul is also the creator of Amm-Con!  Amm-Con is the Alternative Mass Media Conference. This conference is for Podcasters, Bloggers, YouTube creators, and anyone else in new media that has a connection to the 2nd Amendment Community.  Attendees will learn to make their media more effective and more successful.

Amm-Con Logo

Alternative Mass Media Conventions (AMM-CON) Workshop

Polite Society Podcast 11.21.15

Polite Society Podcast

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