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As Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than ONE GENERATION away from extinction.” And we at Gun Freedom Radio feel the responsibility to pass that baton of freedom along to our fellow citizens and therefore the next generation.

Hosts, Danny Todd & Cheryl Todd are small business owners with nearly 80 years of combined experience, they have been married for 38 years, are parents and grandparents. Danny and Cheryl Todd are the owners of AZFirearmsAuctionsPot of Gold Estate Liquidations, LLC and Arizona Pinball & Arcade Distributors. From these life experiences they bring a unique perspective to the world of Gun-Rights and the need to speak into the next generation of American Citizens. 

Our Mission Statement reads: “We speak from a Pro Second Amendment Stance, with the Purpose to Engage, Educate, and Inform with Real Life Events and News Stories to Reach the Undecided about Gun Rights”.  We are looking to speak into the middle-space, and bring awareness and clarity on politically clouded issues to those who haven’t decided where they stand on the Pro vs Anti-Gun Rights spectrum.  Join us as we interview experts in their field, discuss new products, examine news articles for media bias, help cut though the political doublespeak, talk about gun safety and even provide answers to questions about YOUR firearm from a skilled Gunsmith! 

Gun Freedom Radio, keeping Freedom alive for the NEXT GENERATION!

Dan and Cheryl own and operate two family businesses: AZFirearmsAuctions and Pot Of Gold Estate Liquidations & Auctions

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