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Cheryl, Danny & Cassie Discuss Covid-19 #QuarantineLife at AZF GFR & POG

Cheryl and Danny Todd and their daughter, Cassie Todd-Jameson discuss what #QuarantineLife caused by the Covid-19 situation looks like for AZFirearms, Gun Freedom Radio & Pot of Gold Auctions.

#1) Update on AZF / POG move & expansion

#2) Two businesses models – separate buildings. How are we handling the ever escalating Executive Orders?

#3) What do we say to people who think we are going to be “just fine” because of the “Relief Bill”?

#4) What are the long-range implications of this nationwide shutdown as we look forward into late 2020 and early 2021?

#5) What are the good things you have seen / experienced during this otherwise stressful time?



2020 Celebrate & Protect the Second Amendment Rally in Arizona #2ARallyAZ

Cheryl Todd speaking at the 2020 Celebrate and Protect the Second Amendment Rally at the Arizona State Capitol.

Interview with Larry Zanoff of Hollywood Weapons at SHOT Show 2020

We talk with our friend, Larry Zanoff about the newest season of Hollywood Weapons and what he is up to at Independent Studio Services (ISS).

Larry Zanoff is the co-host of Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction? on the Outdoor Channel, and has what many of us would consider a dream job, working in the Weapons Department of Independent Studio Services Props (ISS) , the largest rental armory in the film and Television industry, providing custom weapons manufacturing, actor training, on set armorer services, safety training, and more. Larry has been involved with firearms his entire life. A combat veteran of the Israeli army, Larry is P.O.S.T. Certified, holds a college degree in law enforcement and the administration of justice, and has worked in U.S. Law enforcement, as well as the privet security industry. An additional college degree in gunsmithing and firearms technology led to Larry holding several positions in the firearms manufacturing industry. The above life experience has led Larry to a position at ISS. Larry continues to be active outside the entertainment industry as well, by providing weapons training to the military, and various government, and law enforcement agencies.

Cheryl Todd GRPC 2019 “Freedom Now!”

Cheryl Todd’s speech at the Second Amendment Foundation’s Gun Rights Policy Conference in Phoenix Arizona.

Cheryl Todd at The Well Armed Women Leadership Conference 2019

Cheryl Todd delivered the Keynote Speech at the 2019 TWAW Leadership Conference to 300 Chapter Leaders for The Well Armed Woman in Phoenix, AZ.

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