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Our guest today is Aaargo Jay. Aaargo is 2nd Amendment Civil Rights activist, a public school educator and father of three. His passion for the 2nd Amendment is what led him to notice the differential treatment between Black Americans and the rest of the American populous when it comes to firearms. He wrote a documentary called BlackOPS. - Black Opinion in Popular Society. Its main focus is to change the perception of Black Americans, specifically Black males, in regards to firearms. Aaargo Jay has partnered with American Defense MFG to build an AR15 rifle of his own called, the Bravo Oscar, to support the funding of his documentary. 1) You have been working on the documentary for a couple of years now, and with every major news-cycle it just keeps becoming more and more relevant. Tell us about the project? 2) You unveiled your new rifle at the 2020 SHOT Show in Las Vegas – the Bravo Oscar – what is it about this rifle that is so special to you and also to your work on BlackOps? 3) A couple of years ago we had the honor of hosting a “Unity Project Panel” where you, Kevin Dixie, Maj Toure and Ken Scott offered examples of strong freedom-driven Americans who are pushing back against the “crab-bucket” mentality that too many Americans have that tends to have us pulling each other down instead of boosting one another up toward success and freedom. Talk to us about the importance of those kinds of friendships?

GunFreedomRadio EP225 Black Ops with Aaargo Jay

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