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Hour #1 Guests: Maj Toure – Founder of Black Guns Matter, here to catch us up on all that he has been doing over the past few months and what is on the books for the rest of 2018. Stephen Halbrook - an attorney with extensive knowledge of the historical underpinnings of the Second Amendment and practical knowledge of litigating in this rapidly evolving area of law, and he was heavily involved in both the Heller and McDonald court cases.” He is also the author of several books and his writings include topics such as “Gun Control in the Third Reich” and “The Founders’ Second Amendment”, and newly released book, “Gun Control in Nazi Occupied France”.

GunFreedomRadio EP119 HR.1 We Don’t Need No Thought Control

1:00pm, 21st July

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Maj is a Solutionary Hip Hop artist and activist from North Philly. His following began after he was featured on the cover of the Philadelphia Weekly as “the Prophet of Philadelphia.” He founded the Black Guns Matter movement in 2015 and advocates for 2nd amendment education and information for urban communities. Maj has been featured in the New York Times, Breitbart News, National Public Radio, and NRANews for his out of the box approach to 2nd amendment advocacy.

Black Guns Matter in AZ

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Hour #2 Guests: Mat Best - the Vice President of Black Rifle Coffee. Mat joined the Army at the age of 17 and deployed 5 times to Iraq and Afghanistan with 2nd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. After leaving military service, Mat deployed to a variety of areas overseas as a contractor over the course of 5 years with the CIA. He is here to talk with about the mission of Black Rifle Coffee Company. Patrick Rothwell - Managing Director of Government Relations - Federal Affairs for NSSF. Recently Patrick spoke on a panel at the NSSF Industry Summit to give us an idea of the political landscape as it relates to our gun rights, and he is here today to bring us up to speed on how much your vote is going to matter in the upcoming several elections. Tiffany Yerby Dillon - is the Director of Design for 5.11 Tactical, as well as, an amateur shooter, amateur hunter, believes in Farm to Table and is a lover of The Constitution of The United States of America. Responsibly Armed Citizen Report Dan’s Calm-mentary  This show is a proud member of the Self Defense Radio Network. Find out more and check out all of the great content at Sponsored by AZFirearms

GunFreedomRadio EP119 Hr.2 We Don’t Need No Thought Control

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