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Chris is a husband, father, grandfather, former tech business owner, life long firearm owner and current owner of CloverTac Productions, a pro firearm media company based out of Texas. Topics: Chris' passion for youth shooting sports and instilling the skills and values in his own, now adult, children and scores of other young people. Texas Legislative issues and the broader context they have for the nation. Chris also spoke about his #fuddlyfe project of which is says, "sorta speaks to what we should and should not be doing when it comes to representing the community. The #FuddLyfe Project is an effort in outreach and to further meaningful, productive communication with firearm owners that may be ignorant of certain anti Second Amendment legislation and the effects they can have on the firearm community at large. To first understand who we must attempt to reach through the #FuddLyfe Project we first have to explore the word “fudd”. If we take a look and examine the root of the word “fudd”, we find that the root is actually slang and of Scottish heritage. The word “fud”, yes only one d, was attached to someone who, through ignorance, continued to do something harmful or dangerous even though said action might appear to be obviously harmful or dangerous to most around them. Now fast forward to the golden era of cartoon and enter Elmer Fudd. Nowadays he is synonymous with the word “fudd” as it is and has been applied to firearm owners and rightfully so, but not in the way you might think or have been lead to believe. It is quite obvious if you have spent any time watching these cartoons that old Elmer fits the exact, original, root word definition of “fud”. He continues to do things dangerous or harmful out of sheer ignorance, oblivious to the consequences despite those who view the cartoon knowing full well what the outcome of those actions will be. What does this mean? Well, we think it is quite simple. In regards to the firearm community, a “fudd” is someone that needs education, information, inspiration and motivation. As a community we should be somewhat patient and understand that no one was ever born a Second Amendment activist or champion, it is a process. Let us not confuse those who may indeed be “fudds” with those who are actively engaged in acts against the Second Amendment. The later are anti gunners, plain and simple. Deliberate acts and acts of ignorance are two totally different constructs. Now that we know how to properly identify those we need to reach. Arm yourself with knowledge, look for those lost in ignorance, those with whom you can relate and identify and work to impart that Second Amendment wisdom onto them. Once you are successful, charge them with the same task. Together we can repair the decades of damage that has been done to our rights through outreach and education, not improper name calling.

GunFreedomRadio Video Interview Series Vol23 EP162 Chris Dover of CloverTac

1:00pm, 15th September

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