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Hour #1 Segment: Sweeter The Second Time Around, Compilation Best-Of Show – we picked a segment from our EP13, back in 2015 titled “Can You Hear Me Now” and have a married couple who happen to have weapons and combat training, to talk about how to parent in a gun-owning home when kids sometimes don’t want to listen to parents. It is such an important topic, especially if you are a parent who does NOT own guns. Just because you don’t have guns does not guarantee that your child won’t encounter a gun at a friend or relatives’ home…or even on the playground. Scott & Dimi Johnson are a married couple and both retired from the Army. They now are professional photographers operating Victory Fotos, and produce our annual Vintage Style Pin-up calendar. Scott is also the inventor of TactiCatch, which is a field-tested and approved AR Rifle Retention System. Dimi served 8 years as a Combat Medic, and retired as a Sergeant. During his 23 years of Service Scott was a drill sergeant and held positions on the Army’s Military Police version of SWAT teams, before being injured while in Iraq. Today they talk to us about raising kids to be safe around firearms and other tools of defense.

GunFreedomRadio EP139 Hr.1 Sweeter The Second Time Around, Compilation Best-Of Show

1:00pm, 8th December

Segment Guest List

TactiCatch, which is a field-tested and approved AR Rifle Retention System.

Scott retired as a Sergeant First Class and E-7, after 23 years of service from the Army as a Military Policeman and being injured while in Iraq. Scott has held positions from team leader, squad leader, platoon sergeant and detachment first sergeant including duties as a drill sergeant for 3 years and positions on the Army’s Military Police version of SWAT teams.  Scott has been deployed to the first Gulf War in 1990, Honduras, Korea 4 times and Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2008-2009 where he was injured.  Scott’s medals are vast and honorable, including the Combat Action Badge and the Drill Instructor Badge.

Dimi served 8 years as a Combat Medic in the Army as well and left as a Sergeant. Dimi has held positions of great responsibility regarding the medical aspects and readiness of units including her last tour of duty in Korea where she was in charge of the medical screening and records for all of the 2nd Infantry Division.  Dimi has a tour of duty in Korea as well.  Dimi has many Army Commendation and Achievement medals under her belt for many achievements and accomplishments including one for bringing her unit to #1 in the Army on medical readiness!

TactiCatch Logo

TactiCatch Logo

When asked to tell us what they are doing in “retirement” the say: “We still love being around our fellow Veterans. Most notably we volunteer for an organization in Glendale called Soldiers Best Friend who helps Veterans living with PTSD and/or TBI’s by pairing them with dogs often rescued from local shelter to become certified service and therapy teams. We volunteer our photography services for them when the teams graduate and give the Veteran an image of them and their new battle buddies that will hopefully continue to bring them great joy for generations to come. Another awesome thing Dimi does with her vintage pinup photography is that a lot of her clients are spouses or girlfriends of current and former servicemen who come in and get a vintage military inspired pinup featuring them for their loved ones. Some even come in and honor their grandfather by doing the shoot for them. There are a few other Veteran related organizations that we occasionally work with as well here in the valley area.

Together they have raised three children: a 15 year old at home, a 26 year old son in Texas and a 22 year old daughter in Georgia.

Hour #2 Segment: Cheryl was interviewed on Fred Mastison’s Center Mass Podcast. Strap on your running shoes, because they talked about everything from Red Flag Laws, conspiracy theories, the HR 5087 assault weapons ban, “how” to engage our circles of influence, religion, and raising 2A smart kids...all in under an hour! Fred Mastison is the founder of Force Options USA. Fred is a professional firearms and combatives instructor as well as dignitary protection provider and freelance writer. Fred is also the host of Center Mass Podcast. Responsibly Armed Citizen Report This show is a proud member of the Self Defense Radio Network. Find out more and check out all of the great content at SDRN.US Sponsored by AZFirearms

GunFreedomRadio EP139 Hr.2 Sweeter The Second Time Around, Compilation Best-Of Show

Segment Guest List

Center Mass Podcast.

Fred has been teaching for 30 years and has over 16 law enforcement POST course instructor certifications. In addition to firearms training, Mr. Mastison has been teaching martial arts for 28 years and holds multiple black belts including a7th degree black belt in Aiki Jitsu.

He is based in the Phoenix metropolitan area and teaches courses across the US, in Europe and Mexico.

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