Gun Freedom Radio Show Guests

President of VCDL Philip Van Cleve

Philip Van Cleve

Philip Van Cleve has been the President of the Virginia Citizens Defense League since 2001. Philip has been awarded CCRKBA’s Grassroots Activist of the Month in 2004 and Grassroots Activist of the Year in 2017. He served as a reserve deputy sheriff in Texas for 7 years, something that has helped him with his current […]

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Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson is a creator, director, movie producer, best selling author and nationally syndicated show host. He is the founder and CEO of The Kevin Jackson Network. Kevin is a loving husband and proud father of 4 boys. He was a volunteer who co-chaired on the board of the Missouri Adoption Exchange, for over ten […]

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Simmone Park

Simmone Park is a multilingual management consultant and stand-up comedian who has lived and worked in ten countries so far. For six years after a violent assault at gunpoint, Simmone was fervently anti-gun and changed her location every 3-4 months, unaware that she had feared for her safety. After taking time to heal, process the […]

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Rob McNealy of TUSC

Rob McNealy is a serial entrepreneur, podcaster, cryptocurrency advocate, self-defense activist, welder/artist, indie filmmaker and recovering corporate MBA. He received a BS from Central Michigan University in GIS and marketing, and earned an MBA from Colorado State University. Rob is a Co-Founder of TUSC (The Universal Settlement Coin), a decentralized, non-ICO cryptocurrency project that is […]

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Jason Swarr of Skillset Magazine

Jason Swarr is a veteran Marine, the owner of Terror Trader, Straight 8 Photography, and the founder and owner of Skillset Magazine. From Jason: Grew up an 80’s skate punk in West Virginia Hated politicians but always loved my country so I joined the Marines in 1991 Started out as a parachute rigger (0451) but […]

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