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Dianna Muller

Dianna Muller

Dianna Muller is a retired police officer, who served 22 years with the Tulsa Police Department.  She is the Captain of Team Benelli 3-Gun, a Certified Firearms Instructor, and is the Co-host of Shooting Gallery on the Outdoor Channel. Dianna also is the organizer of the DC Project that organized a meeting of professional women […]

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Chris Dover

Chris Dover, CloverTac Productions

Chris Dover is a husband, father, grandfather, former tech business owner, life long firearm owner and current owner of CloverTac Productions, a pro firearm media company based out of Texas. Chris’ various state level 4-H Shooting Sports certifications, various NRA certifications and life experiences, such as being a former director with Texas State Rifle Association, […]

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Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson, Author of Tactical Reload

Adam Wilson, author of Tactical Reload: Strategy Shifts for Emerging Leaders in Law Enforcement. Adam, a once homeless high-school dropout, is now a highly decorated 14-year law enforcement veteran who was recognized in 2018 by the National Association of Police Organizations that sponsors the annual TOP COP Awards® for producing the top investigation in North […]

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John Crump

John Crump, State Director VA GOA

John Crump is a firearms journalist and NRA instructor.  He concentrates on Second Amendment news and investigative journalism. John is also the Virginia State Director for Gun Owners of America, and a life long Constitutional Advocate. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on “deplatforming tactics”. […]

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Kevin Dixie 6.21.17

Kevin Dixie, Aiming For The Truth

Kevin Dixie is the owner-operator of No Other Choice Firearms Training (NOC) and the Founder of Aiming For The Truth, a 6-spoked approach to healing broken families and strengthening the community bonds of neighbors, to improve the lives of people in the cities and states of our nation. This program is focused on getting to the roots of […]

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