Gun Freedom Radio Show Guests

Shelli Boggs Maricopa County School Superintendent

Shelli Boggs

Shelli Boggs is a 2024 candidate for Maricopa County School Superintendent. Shelli was born in Arizona and raised in Mesa. She taught in public education for 13 years. Shelli got involved in politics when she saw first hand the political corruption and decline in academics as political ideology was ushered in. She put a strong […]

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Dr. Bob Branch

Dr. Bob Branch is a 2024 candidate for Maricopa County Supervisor in District 4 in Arizona. Dr. Branch is a Veteran, Businessman, Christian Conservative College Professor, and the Commissioner Emeritus of the Maricopa County Park System. As a MCPR Commissioner, Dr. Branch has extensive County Government experience: Commissioner Branch is currently in his 7th Term […]

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Gabby Hoffman of IWF

Gabriella Hoffman

Gabriella Hoffman is the director of the Center for Energy and Conservation at Independent Women’s Forum. She is a freelance media strategist, award-winning writer, and political columnist. She hosts the District of Conservation podcast and CFACT original video series “Conservation Nation.” Gabriella has published columns and articles in Richmond Times-Dispatch, the Hill, RealClearPolicy, Virginian […]

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Sandra Richardson, Victim of NY SAFE Act

Sandra Richardson

Sandra Richardson was the victim of the NY SAFE Act and a false report concerning her mental health. Sandra is a gun owner, was the subject of a false NY SAFE Act report (New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013). Thankfully, the court determined the report against her was “arbitrary, capricious or […]

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John Paine Author of The Second Amendment Manifesto

John Paine

John Paine is the author of The Second Amendment Manifesto: What Every American Should Know about Their Constitutional Right to Own Guns, and a lifelong lover of history, firearms, and freedom. John is not an academic or politician, but an American who believes that our country and culture is worth fighting for, and that this […]

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