Our Guests: Alan Myers

Forensic Accountant Alan Myers
Alan Myers

About Alan Myers

Alan Myers is a San Diego CPA and forensic accountant.  For 10 years, he has dedicated himself to researching, studying and analyzing the Federal Reserve System, banking and the national debt.

He is a writer, speaker and radio commentator on these and other related topics.  The national monetary system is the most powerful system in our country because everything in our country is connected to it.  Unfortunately, this system was not designed to work in the best interest of the people or our country.

Alan brings to the discussion, detailed information regarding monetary system problems and a simple and doable Call To Action.  As a CPA, he has over 25 years of experience in providing accounting, tax & litigation support for Bankruptcy Trustees and civil litigators.  He also specializes in analyzing the financial condition and financial affairs of bankruptcy debtors and parties in litigation.

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