Our Guests: Shelli Boggs

Shelli Boggs Maricopa County School Superintendent
Shelli Boggs

About Shelli Boggs

Shelli Boggs is a 2024 candidate for Maricopa County School Superintendent.

Shelli was born in Arizona and raised in Mesa. She taught in public education for 13 years. Shelli got involved in politics when she saw first hand the political corruption and decline in academics as political ideology was ushered in. She put a strong team together in 2018 and took the majority of a school board and exposed the corruption which lead to the termination of the superintendent.

Shelli is serving her 6th year on the EVIT GOVERNING BOARD where she spearheaded the first of its kind in the nation, Foster program, Hope Tech.

She oversee a $145 million dollar budget and has lead the district in adopting many policies including keeping teaching racism out of the classroom, students have names, they are not pronouns, separate bathrooms for males and females and discipline and safety in the classroom is followed and supported by administration. During COVID, she lead the discussion to ensure EVIT opened and had no mask or vaccine mandates!
 Shelli has a proven record for putting students safety and academics first, supporting parental rights, and ensuring teachers and staff are properly trained through professional development and mentorship.

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