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Cheryl Todd of GunFreedomRadio Speaks at GPRC 2015 (Gun Rights Protection Conference)

Published on Oct 2, 2015

Cheryl Todd of GunTalkAZ (now re-branded as GunFreedomRadio) a talk radio show on 960am The Patriot Radio Station in Phoenix AZ (now found on Star Worldwide Networks in Scottsdale, AZ),  talks the the Gun Rights Protection Conference (GRPC) 2015 about how to use the media to get the truth about guns and our Second Amendment Rights broadcast in the media.

The GRPC is the annual conference hosted and sponsored by the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF).  You can also find the entire conference in the C-SPAN archives.


#GunVote – Cheryl Todd Shares the #DCProject

Published on Jul 19, 2016

GunVote – Cheryl Todd Shares the D.C. Project | NSSF

From interviewer Mia Anstine:

In light of the GunVote mission, I’d like to share an event in which 50 women from 50 states created the D.C. Project. This is a nonpartisan initiative created by Dianna Muller. She and ten other women put their heads together to create an event where they made their voices heard at the Nation’s capitol.

These women descended upon our U.S. Capitol in an effort to meet with legislators and show them a different face, than they’re accustomed to, of the people who support the Second Amendment.

Women’s Outdoor News columnist, Cheryl Todd, is gracious enough to give us a recap of this nonpartisan initiative. She is among the group of woman who are gun owners, daughters, mothers, and sisters.

Cheryl recaps their time in our nation’s capital engaging in encouraging dialogue with legislators, of their home states and others, regarding values surrounding firearms. She also lets us know what we can do, on a local level, to support our Second Amendment rights.

Find more information about the DC Project at

Follow the ladies journey to DC through pictures, videos, and posts about their experience on social media sites by searching #DCProject.

Find the DC Project’s Facebook page here

Find information about elections in your state at

Read the Constitution of the United States at

To find more educational material regarding the #GunVote, please visit the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s website here –

Friends, Fun & Firepower – Video 4.03.16

“Friends, Fun and Firepower” is what happens when you get great friends together on a gorgeous spring day in the Arizona Southwest.

Cheryl Todd of AZFirearms and Gun Freedom Radio, along with her husband Dan, made this day happen with their incredible variety of new and historic firearms!

In this video you will see a Glock 18 Full-Auto, a Solothurn 20mm, a Valmet, 7.62x39mm Full-Auto, a WWII Era British 303 Bren Gun, an M60 in .308, a WWII Era German MG42 8mm, and even a WWII 105mm Howitzer Cannon, which was used in the 2016 movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice!

Among Cheryl’s friends who enjoyed a safe and fun day of shooting together were Barbara Baird from the Women’s Outdoor Network, Carrie Lightfoot from The Well Armed Woman, Mike Abramovich from Certified Instruction & Training, LLC, Wes Denham, Powerhouse Grafix, Cassie Todd from Pot of Gold Estate Auctions, and Zev Nadler of!

Barbara Baird from the Women’s Outdoor News is a national advocate for the Second Amendment, Hunting, Personal Protection and so much more as it relates to the Outdoors.

Carrie Lightfoot of The Well Armed Woman has Chapters in all 50 States and boasts a membership of over 8,000 women who, are being empowered with training, gear, and more.

Wes Denham of Powerhouse Grafix is the graphic and web designer trusted by these national brands and others to keep their websites and web stores ahead of the ever-changing digital world.

Mike Abramovich of Certified Instruction & Training, LLC is the trainer-to-the-trainers for all TWAW Chapters in the AZ Southwest and all across the nation.

The Firearms Concierge, known for their firearms related tours in the Sonoran Desert, provided some range safety.

BestDronage at provided the aerial and ground videography.  Their drones are amazing and deliver awesome 4K video that allow for unique firearms related perspectives!”

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