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Amanda Suffecool

About Amanda Suffecool

Amanda Suffecool is a Pro 2A leader, trainer, and educator. She is the Ohio South-Eastern Region Director for the DC Project, Host of the syndicated radio show, “Eye On The Target” and she is the creator of the NRA Carry Guard Conceal Carry Fashion Show.

Amanda is a degreed engineer who spends her spare time sharing her love of country, constitution and specifically the 2nd Amendment with others. Amanda has been an NRA certified instructor for more than 13 years, in 8 different disciplines and has added FEMA, OSHA and now ALICE active shooter response trainer credentials to the mix.

In 2014 Amanda initiated the not for profit group REALIZE firearms awareness coalition. The Mission  of REALIZE Firearms Awareness Coalition is: to educate citizens as to the historical intent of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, to enable citizens to accurately relate and defend aspects of the U.S. Constitution, to enhance public awareness and support for responsible gun ownership, and to emphasize firearms education for women who facilitate the transmittal of constitutional awareness and gun ownership to succeeding generations.

Amanda, along with her brother Rob Campbell, host 5 hours of firearms education RADIO per week.   The show titled Eye on the Target is on terrestrial radio WNIR 100.1 Sunday nights from 7 to 9, and on internet radio KRMARadio.com Monday nights from 7 to 10.

In September of 2016 Amanda was been honored to be appointed to the Ohio Gun Owners Advisory Board for the Trump-Pence campaign.

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