Hour #1 Clips: The Hot Zone with Chuck Holton. In his Episode 3, Chuck talks about the impact that mass immigration is having on the citizens of European Countries who are now wanting the right have keep and bear arms for self and home protection The Out Of Order Podcast. Host, James Kaleda, interviews Lt. Col Grossman about the psychological effects of self-defense. Eye on the Target Radio. Hosts Rob Campbell and Amanda Suffecool discuss the importance of bringing people who are new to the shooting sports out to enjoy a great day on the range, and the elements of being a good ambassador at the range.

GunFreedomRadio EP142 Hr.1, A Few of Our Favorite Things: Shows on Self Defense Radio Network

1:00pm, 29th December

Segment Guest List

The Hot Zone Podcast.

Chuck Holton 6.11.16b

NRA News Line Of Duty Series: Frontlines

Holton has been a freelance cameraman for Fox news, following Ret. Lt. Col. Oliver North on his travels as host of War Stories with Oliver North on the Fox News Channel.

Holton was born in 1969 in Carson City, Nevada. At age 17 Holton joined the United States Army, shipping off to basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia. Holton is a graduate of both Airborne School and Ranger School, graduating Ranger class 3-89. Holton went on to attend Jumpmaster School, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare School and Assault Climber school, and was later an instructor at the United States Military Academy at Camp Buckner. Holton was deployed to Panama for Operation Just Cause, where he served as a team leader. He served four years with the 75th Ranger Regiment.

After four years of active duty, Holton joined the Wisconsin Army National guard, where he received training as a helicopter mechanic and eventually became trained as an Aeroscout Observer, flying the Bell OH-58 Kiowa Helicopter. His awards and decorations include the Army Service Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Senior Parachutist Badge, Ranger tab, Expert Infantryman Badge, and Combat Infantryman Badge.

Chuck Holton 6.11.16a

Book: Making Men: Five Steps To Growing Up, by Chuck Holton

Holton is the author of seven books:

He has also collaborated with Oliver North on two books:

Out of Order Gun Rights Podcast. James is a life-long Second Amendment advocate, who is originally from NJ. He now lives full time in a 91 Winnebago Warrior.

James is a libertarian and gun rights advocate. He provides web marketing & outsourced sales to:
•pro-gun groups
•liberty groups
•Firearms industry

Hour #2 Clips: Unload and Show Clear. Host, Lloyd Bailey, Jr, interviews World Champion Bob Vogel. Bob has won multiple titles in IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation), IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association), & USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association). We needed an extra helping of Eye on the Target Radio, so in addition to the clip in hour #1, we have Rob Campbell and Amanda Suffecool offering some great information on the importance of cleaning and testing pre-owned guns before you shoot them. In our final two clips, we have left our Responsibly Armed Citizen Report in the very capable hands of Rob Morse and David Cole from The Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast. This show is a proud member of the Self Defense Radio Network. Find out more and check out all of the great content at SDRN.US Sponsored by AZFirearms

GunFreedomRadio EP142 Hr.2, A Few of Our Favorite Things: Shows on Self Defense Radio Network

1:00pm, 29th December

Segment Guest List

Dave Cole 7.09.16b

Says Dave, “I am a former US Army officer and former police SWAT officer and firearms instructor. I have trained with several instructors including Dave Spaulding and the late Louis Awerbuck, and at Gunsite Academy and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC). I am a competitive pistol shooter, participating in both USPSA and local steel plate matches. I have been a student of the Japanese martial art of aikido for 17 years, with a 2nd degree black belt; I teach and train at Aikido of Cincinnati. I currently work in corporate security at a major financial services company, as well as own and operate Aegis Solutions LLC where I teach firearms and personal safety with certification in several NRA Instructor disciplines. I am a contributor at Black Man With A Gun, with emphasis on gun rights opinion.”

Black Man With A Gun Logo

Protecting the rights of gun owners, and providing little known or forgotten facts about American history.

The Black Man With A Gun Show and Blog was created to fulfill a need to stay in contact with the gun community Kenn Blanchard has met as a rights activist along his journey since 1991.  You’ll hear defensive gun use, firearms training tips for the new shooter and reminders for the advanced.  The goal of Black Man With A Gun is to protect the rights of gun owners,  and provide little known or forgotten facts about American history.  We share news you can use, interviews with interesting people that you don’t always hear about, with entertaining pieces from all over the place. And we are trying to leave you with some positive encouragement.  That is what the Black Man With A Gun blog and podcast is all about.

Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast  and co-host of the Polite Society Podcast. He blogs at his  Slowfacts blog and his articles appear at Ammoland, at Clash Daily.

Rob Morse works and writes in Southwest Louisiana.

GunFreedomRadio EP142 A Few of Our Favorite Things: Shows on Self Defense Radio Network, Originally Aired on 12.29.18

Hour #1 Clips:

Hour #2 Clips:

This show is a proud member of the Self Defense Radio Network. Find out more and check out all of the great content at SDRN.US

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