Hour #1 Guests: Ashley Hlebinsky - one of the leading firearms historians in the country. Ashley has dedicated her life and career to the study of weaponry. She is currently the Chief Curator of one of the largest firearms collections in the country, the Cody Firearms Museum, in Wyoming. And she is one of the judges on the new competition series “MASTER OF ARMS” that premiers Friday, November 2 on the Discovery Channel. Emily Valentine - the founder of Style Me Tactical, a concealed carry lifestyle blog, and host of the Not Your Average Gun Girls podcast. And, Emily is also featured on season five of NRATV's Love At First Shot. Christopher Flowers - likely in-studio guest the Founder and President of Vets4Biz. Chris is a US Air Force and US Army Veteran who served as a Security Specialist and 13F (Forward Observer) in Operation Desert Storm. His new mission is to help promote business owned and operated by fellow Military Veterans.

GunFreedomRadio EP132 Hr.1 The M Word

1:00pm, 20th October

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The Gun Code, LLC – Firearms History & Industry Consulting. Ashley is an expert witness, a historian and former curator to the Cody Firearms Museum. Ashley testified at the 2021 Senate Judiciary’s Subcommittee on the Constitution, in a hearing titled: Stop Gun Violence: Ghost Guns.

Ashley is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on firearms history.  Recently, she served as  both Curator of the Cody Firearms Museum (CFM) and Project Director for the museum’s multimillion dollar renovation that reopened in July 2019. Due to her and her team’s efforts, the museum has received positive reviews from both gun and mainstream media and is seen as the premiere gun museum in the world that fosters dialogue for a range of diverse audiences

Additionally, Hlebinsky is a highly sought-after museum consultant, guest speaker, writer, expert witness in the US and Canada, and a television host and producer.

In 2018, she founded the first academic association in the United States for the study of firearms history. As a historian who remains apolitical, Hlebinsky holds a unique niche in the field of firearms, engaging with many communities, including industry, academic, and media. She actively works to increase the level of scholarship in the United States to help create a better understanding of guns for the public. This work directly impacts legislation as well as university curriculum.

In response to her public education, she was awarded the NSSF/POMA Shooting Sports Communicator of the Year award and recently accepted the position of Curator Emerita and Senior Firearms Scholar at the CFM – an honor typically reserved for the end of one’s career – as well as Adjunct Scholar of Firearms History, Technology and Culture for the Firearms Policy Coalition, so that she can continue to expand her advocacy beyond the walls of the museum.

Ashley also has many TV credits to her name, including in 2018, when she joined a panel of celebrity judges for the Discovery Channel competition series, “Master of Arms”.

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Not Your Average Gun Girls Podcast hosted by Emily Valentine of Style Me Tactical and Amy Robbins of Alexo Athletica :

“We aren’t your average gun girls and want to bring you a podcast that mirrors the way we live our lives. We are self-reliant, stylish, and eager to inspire women to feel confident in defending themselves with a gun while also staying true to their lifestyle. We will be talking all things concealed carry to our favorite lipstick and everything in between. This podcast is intended to support and empower women and arm them with the right tools and education to be self-reliant and prepared to act in their own self-defense.”

Hour #2 Guests: - Derek LeBlanc - the founder and president of the Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation, with the goal to educate children and families on firearm safety and accident prevention. - Karen Hunter - is a Freelance Writer/Senior Editor / Firearms Instructor, Senior Range Officer at Force Options Tactical Training and Security. - Drew Berquist - the Editor-in-Chief for OpsLens.com and the host of CRTV‘s Experience Matters with Drew Berquist. Previously, he served as a counterterrorism officer for the United States Intelligence Community, where he performed more than thirty deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Responsibly Armed Citizen Report Dan’s Calm-mentary

GunFreedomRadio EP132 Hr.2 The M Word

1:00pm, 20th October

Segment Guest List

OpsLens.com and the host of CRTV‘s Experience Matters with Drew Berquist. Previously, he served as a counterterrorism officer for the United States Intelligence Community, where he performed more than thirty deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Drew served as a counterterrorism officer and senior intelligence consultant for the United States Intelligence Community, where he performed more than thirty deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan to conduct operations.  He received specialized training from multiple intelligence agencies, including the CIA, DIA and NSA.

Berquist speaks to audiences and comments on national security and political matters.  He has been a guest on FOX and Friends, Lou Dobbs, Dennis Miller and a number of other shows throughout the country. Follow Drew and his staff of Veteran contributors on Facebook at Facebook.com/OpsLens or on Twitter at @OpsLens.

OpsLens.com provides daily print and video commentary on the world’s most trending and critical stories related to national security, public policy and other matters of state through the lens of experience.

The OpsLens staff of contributors is comprised of former intelligence, law enforcement and military operators that have more than 100 deployments to both conventional and hostile areas around the globe performing counterterrorism, counterdrug, counterintelligence, traditional espionage and other unique operations.  Our team brings experience from the CIA, DIA, FBI, NSA and the United States military, to include Army Rangers, Army Special Forces, Navy Seals and Marines to name a few. Additionally, the OpsLens staff includes former diplomats, politicians and industry leaders who understand the inner-workings of some of the world’s most difficult problems.

Force Options Tactical Training and Security

Karen says of herself, “I am a contributor to several national magazine publications, both digital and print. I am a Firearms Instructor and strong 2A advocate with a passion to help people understand how and why they should carry. And, I am a lifelong student with a teachable spirit.”

GunFreedomRadio EP132 The M Word, Originally Aired 10.20.18

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Responsibly Armed Citizen Report

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