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Christpher Flowers
Christopher Flowers of Vets4Biz

About Christopher Flowers of Vets4Biz

Christopher Flowers, Founder and President of Vets4Biz. Chris is a US Air Force and US Army Veteran who served as a Security Specialist (Military Police) and 13F (Forward Observer) in Operation Desert Storm.

From Chris: “I am a highly motivated individual, who has had a deep dedication to my team. Although my military training does not correlate to business my 23 years in the financial industry do. I have always had a strong team and relationship building ethic, and now I want to share my business skills with you. One thing I understand is that you as a business owner can not be everywhere you need to be at one time. Marketing is second only to sales in revenue production, THAT is where Vets 4 Biz can help YOU PRODUCE WE PROMOTE WE GOT YOUR 6!

MISSION STATEMENT VETS 4 BIZ: We want to provide the community with the services they need that are Veteran owned. US Veterans business owners have a higher standard and work ethic that we approach a job with. We want to connect the community with Veteran owned businesses to provide goods and services for them. Shop Local, Shop Veteran.

VETERAN BUSINESS OWNERS: Our Mission is to help you GENERATE REVENUE! We want to provide a more proactive promotional approach to your business. Our “Air Strike” will be launched throughout social media, followed by ground assault of networking and word of mouth and referrals. Vets 4 Biz is by far the most AGGRESSIVE promotional campaign you will find for your business, the motto YOU PRODUCE, WE PROMOTE, WE GOT YOUR 6 means you do what it is you do, DELEGATE the promotion to Vets 4 Biz, you STAY ON MISSION WE GOT YOUR 6! 

We are more than just a promotion and social media marketing company. Vets 4 Biz is evolving into a full service business consultation company. We align the resources Veteran Business Owners need from lending, retirement, payroll, HR, healthcare and more. We have nearly 30 years in the business financial management field with networking in many more essential fields you will have access to as a member of THE UNIT!

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