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Emily Valentine

About Emily Valentine

Emily Valentine is the founder of Style Me Tactical, a concealed carry lifestyle blog, and host of the Not Your Average Gun Girls podcast. Emily created Style Me Tactical because she saw the need for a necessary mindset and lifestyle shift in how women see self-protection. Style Me Tactical is the first of its kind. It is more than just a lifestyle blog. It is a resource and a community founded on the principle that women shouldn’t have to sacrifice their personal style to be self-reliant.

Emily believes that you don’t have to sacrifice your style in order to be self-reliant. With Style Me Tactical, she has created a community for women to become inspired, informed, and encouraged to live a lifestyle where being prepared and having the ability to defend oneself can coexist with a woman’s desire to be fashionable.

Emily is also featured on season five of NRATV’s Love At First Shot.

The Not Your Average Gun Girls Podcast hosted by Emily Valentine of Style Me Tactical and Amy Robbins of Alexo Athletica :

“We aren’t your average gun girls and want to bring you a podcast that mirrors the way we live our lives. We are self-reliant, stylish, and eager to inspire women to feel confident in defending themselves with a gun while also staying true to their lifestyle. We will be talking all things concealed carry to our favorite lipstick and everything in between. This podcast is intended to support and empower women and arm them with the right tools and education to be self-reliant and prepared to act in their own self-defense.”

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