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Friends, Fun and Firepower 5.28.16

Friends, Fun & Firepower Video

“Friends, Fun and Firepower” is what happens when you get great friends together on a gorgeous spring day in the Arizona Southwest. Cheryl Todd of AZFirearms and Gun Freedom Radio, along with her husband Dan, made this day happen with their incredible variety of new and historic firearms! In this video you will see a […]

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Zev Nadler 5.28.16a

Zev Nadler of BestDronage Aerial and Ground Videography

Zev Nadler – owner operator of BestDronage Aerial and Ground Videography. Zev Nadler was a Senior Manager with a large IT consulting firm before he semi-retired to Scottsdale in 1999. A year later he started an IT Consulting firm in Scottsdale that he sold in 2006. Deciding that retirement didn’t suit him, he started Desert Wolf Tours […]

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Deb DeSpain 5.28.16

Deb DeSpain

Deb DeSpain – Mom, Registered Nurse, 3-Gun Competitor, NRA Certified Instructor, Gun Girl Gladiator, and part of the 2016 DC Project. Says Deb: “I have two wonderful adult children. I really can’t remember a time that I didn’t know how to shoot a pistol. I am a NRA instructor for pistol, rifle, shotgun, along with […]

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Michael Kielsky 5.21.16

Michael Kielsky

Michael Kielsky is a litigator focused on criminal defense, DUI defense, and traffic tickets, including photo radar. Additionally, Mr. Kielsky represents victims of crimes navigating the criminal justice system, as well as clients in administrative hearings before boards and administrative law judges, and in protective order matters in the state of Arizona. Michael Kielsky joined Udall […]

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James K Marovich 3.12.16

James Marovich

Attorney James Marovich is an Attorney, Firearms Instructor, Arizona Ranger, and appears on TV’s Stop The Threat seen on the Pursuit Channel. James practices all manner of law, including being a Self-defense Lawyer. Knowing whether to use a firearm in defense of yourself or in defense of another is not an easy question to answer. When […]

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