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Rob Morse
Written on: March 30, 2016

The Messy Reality of Self-Defense, By Rob Morse

The Messy Reality of Self-Defense, by Rob Morse From The SlowFacts Blog Site Originally Published on MARCH 30, 2016 This is an adult discussion.  It’s neither fit for college students who major in the art of being perpetually offended, nor other sensitive children.  I report on self-defense – the good and the bad.  I talk about […]

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Women's Outdoor News WON
Written on: March 21, 2016

Mom Taught Us To Share, by Cheryl Todd

Gun Freedom Radio’s Co-Host, Cheryl Todd, now writes a regular monthly article on Women’s Outdoor News (WON). The following blog article titled “Mom Taught Us To Share” about Gun Bloggers is her first submission. Can’t you just hear your mom telling you to Share? How much do we delight in telling a good secret? What a feeling […]

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Self Defense Gun Stories
Written on: March 20, 2016

Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast, Weekly reports commentary on civilian self defense

Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast, Weekly reports commentary on civilian self-defense This is a new podcast, hosted by Rob Morse, that brings you recent examples of armed civilians protecting themselves and those they love.  Experienced self defense instructors offer insightful Monday-Morning-Quarterback style commentary on each event, with the goal of offering information on what went […]

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Cheryl Todd
Written on: March 18, 2016

All Roads Lead To The 2A, by Cheryl Todd

All Roads Lead To The 2A What political issues are you passionate about? Do you consider yourself a “single-issue” voter? Is it Employment that moves you to support a candidate? Does the topic of Women’s Rights drive you to get behind a Political Party? Do Civil Rights motivate you to cast your vote one way […]

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Cheryl Todd
Written on: March 11, 2016

The Second Amendment Needs a PR Firm, by Cheryl Todd

The Second Amendment needs a PR Firm, a Marketing Agent and an all-out re-branding campaign. Branding is the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products by using emotion, status, and affiliation. And it works. It works for products, and celebrities, and ideas, including political […]

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