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Hour #1 Guests: - Laura Carno - a political strategist setting straight the relationship between citizens and their government.  She is the founder of I Am Created Equal, and the author of “Government Ruins Nearly Everything.” And today she is here to talk to us about a school safety program called FASTER Saves Lives and FASTER Colorado. - Chris Wagoner - a U.S. Army Veteran and 35+ year veteran Law Enforcement officer who is in charge of training at a large police academy in North Florida. He writes on subjects including Firearms Rights, Constitutional issues and law enforcement topics which have been published by Fox News,, and many more. - Scott Lavin - Wildlife Recreation Branch Chief, AZ Game and Fish Department here to tell us about the 2018 Outdoor Expo on March 24 & 25!

GunFreedomRadio EP103 Hr.1 Constitutional Malpractice

1:00pm, 15th March

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Arizona Game & Fish Department Logo

He Chairs the Steering Committee for the Hunting and Angling Heritage Workgroup. On the national level, he serves on the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies committee for Hunter, Angler, Shooting Sports and Wildlife Participation. He also applies his 25 years of leadership to support the Outdoor Industry Business Summit on both state and national levels.

Before joining the Arizona Game and Fish Department, Scott was an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army National Guard in addition to leading award-winning regional teams for The Home Depot and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Scott also has become part of Shot Heard ‘Round the World Day! Shot Heard Round the World Day is a light-hearted annual event held at participating ranges that provides recreational shooters a safe opportunity to celebrate the birth of a nation. At 7:30 am on April 19th, 1775, the first shot of the American Revolution was fired at Lexington Massachusetts. This annual event provides enthusiasts and patriots a safe and structured opportunity to gather socially and commemorate the first shot fired of the American Revolution.

**On the 1.14.17 show, Scott talked to us about the topic of the BLM Releasing Draft Target Shooting Plan for Sonoran Desert National Monument: The plan with its five alternatives can be found at  The public has until March 15th to submit comments via email to or faxed to 623-580-5580.**

Shot Hear Round the World Day celebratea the birth of a nation. At 7:30am on April 19th, 1775, the first shot of the American Revolution was fired at Lexington Massachusetts.

Shot Hear Round the World Day celebratea the birth of a nation. At 7:30am on April 19th, 1775, the first shot of the American Revolution was fired at Lexington Massachusetts.

Scott Lavin

Scott Lavin of AZ Game & Fish Department

Hour #2 Guests: - Kevin Dixie - Owner- Operator of No Other Choice Firearms Training, and we think that Kevin has a prescription for what ails this nation. It is called Aiming at the Truth: Sighting in on the Real Issues, and it is a 6-spoked approach to healing families, neighborhoods, and communities. - Dan Wos - author of Good Gun Bad Guy: Behind The Lies of the Anti-Gun Radical, the book that destroys the anti-gun Left and exposes all their lies and propaganda, and recently published a second book, Destroying the Anti-Gun Narrative. - Greg Hopkins - is the author of A Time To Kill: The Myth of Christian Pacifism. We will be talking with Greg about anger – the people who value our Civil Rights automatically get placed in a defensive position in the public discussion about school safety. We want to talk to Greg about why it is that the people who want to trample our rights seem to be the only ones who “get” to be angry? Responsibly Armed Citizen Report Dan’s Calm-Mentary

GunFreedomRadio EP103 Hr.2 Constitutional Malpractice

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Segment Guest List

Good Gun Bad Guy
Go behind the lies of the Anti-Gun Radicals. Find out what they hoped you would never know. The Book, Good Gun Bad Guy, by Dan Wos
Jan Morgan (FOX News Analyst and NRA firearms Instructor) endorsed Good Gun Bad Guy and wrote the Foreword. Jan and Dan actively advocate 2nd Amendment rights and do Speaking events together.
“It rips to shreds every argument of the anti-gun crowd  and has opened my eyes to the mentality of those people.”
~Jan Morgan, FOX News Analyst/Certified NRA Instructor


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