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Theme: Mother’s Day Edition 2017 Hour #1 Guests: - Monica Hillis - was born and raised in Colombia. She lived there until her early 20's when she met her husband and moved to the USA. She has one son, is a part time business owner and a full time housewife. She is now deeply involved with the NRA Women's Leadership, and mentoring her friends to use firearms safely. And we are going to talk to her about the culture shock of coming from a country where guns have been removed from the citizens to a country where we battle daily to keep that from happening here. - Laura Carno - a political strategist setting straight the relationship between citizens and their government. She is the founder of I Am Created Equal, and the author of “Government Ruins Nearly Everything.” Laura is a mom and a grandma is here today to talk to us about the Faster Saves Lives program that can save the lives of school children across the nation.

GunFreedomRadio EP87 Hr.1 Mother's Day Edition 2017

1:00pm, 13th May

Theme: Mother’s Day Edition 2017 Hour #2 Guests: - Linda Walker – sits on the NRA Board of Directors and President Donald Trump’s Second Amendment Advisory Board. Linda is one of the 13 women who currently sit on the National Rifle Association’s Board of Directors, and in her home state of Ohio, she is the Vice President of Buckeye Firearms Association. She and her husband Jim have been married 39 years, and have 3 Patriots for sons, 3 awesome daughter in laws, and 3 wonderful grandkids who like to shoot too! - Cassie Todd-Jameson - Cassie Todd-Jameson is the Daughter of our hosts, Dan & Cheryl Todd! She is also the manager of Pot of Gold Auctions and handles all of the Social Media for AZFirearms, Pot of Gold Auctions and Gun Freedom Radio! She is married to Jason Jameson and has a beautiful daughter, Raelynn! She has grown up around firearms and understands the importance of the second amendment as well as gun safety with having a child in the house. Responsibly Armed Citizen Report

GunFreedomRadio EP87 Hr.2 Mother's Day Edition 2017

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