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GunFreedomRadio Video Interview Series Vol3 EP89 Shelley Hill Shelley Hill wears a “bunch of hats”!  Shelley is Co-Owner of The Complete Combatant, Manager of Fusion MMA, Organizer of the Annual Women’s Meet & Mingle, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Racheal’s Rest, she also is involved with such important organizations as Center Mass Tactical Training and Tactical Insider. You can see why her husband, Brian Hill, named her the “Indispensable Organization Wizard” about 15 years ago and that has somehow become her official title. That, and Mrs. Sensei! In this interview, Shelley shares with us two videos from a past 1.5 day The Complete Combatant to give us a sample of the skills their students practice and learn. Vid #1 - Working on underhooks with a "tie" which helps with the inability to draw THEIR weapon. Use your head to control their posture/throw them off balance. Go to the back to control their hands which is called a seatbelt position Vid #2 - Student's role-play was "her husband was injured in a car wreck". She is using a PHLster FLATPACK tourniquet carrier and Soft T/CAT tourniquet for the first time.

GunFreedomRadio Video Interview Series Vol3 EP89 Shelley Hill

1:00pm, 19th July

Segment Guest List

Brian Hill, named her the “Indispensable Organization Wizard” about 15 years ago and that has somehow become her official title. That, and Mrs. Sensei!

Shelley has been the manager of Fusion MMA since 2000. She is the “go to gal” for any questions you have “off the mat”. She has an open door policy and truly believes that communication is the key to good relationships and success!

She also runs The Complete Combatant, assists in the Personal Performance course which is a live fire class for women building skill sets and hosts their annual Women’s Meet & Mingle for ladies in the “firearms” industry. Her personal WM&M goal?? A FULL weekend dedicated to professional ladies in the industry learning new things and networking! Imagine the impact we could all make on the women’s firearms/self-defense community when we bring all the different levels TOGETHER for networking!

Shelley is the executive director and one of the founders of Racheal’s Rest. Racheal’s Rest was established in 2012 and is a nonprofit organization that offers counseling, mobile family workshops and 5 day retreats to help women and children who experienced sexual abuse or acts of violence find their balance in life. Please contact her with question about getting help or donating to Racheal’s Rest’s scholarship fund.

Shelley helps out at Center Mass Tactical Training with marketing and really whatever the founder and head coach, Sean Brogan needs. Brian is the co-instructor of CMTT and she loves to be on the range training in pistol and rifle. If she is MIA….she will most likely be on the range.

Last but not least! Shelley helps out Craig “Sawman” Sawyer over at Tactical Insider. She helps with marketing, scheduling courses and more. Basically, she is just good ole’ fashioned member of a great team of people that have three things in common….holding Sawman in the highest of respect and admiration for his love of his country, training the public to be better prepared and raising awareness for his non-profit called VETS FOR CHILD RESCUE!  Please email her if you are interested in hosting one of his classroom training courses or 2-day outdoor courses! It is super simple and she will get you pointed in the right direction.

Her plate may be full but she is rich in all things important and would not change a thing….except add a few more hours to her day!

Training history:

  • Will be a student for life! Shelley shoots roughly 3200 rounds per year and reaching for more!
  • Concealed Carry Permit 2011
  • NRA  and member
  • NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program in Defensive Pistol 1  by Claude Werner aka the Tactical Professor. Pro-Marksman, Marksman, Marksman 1st class, Sharpshooter, Expert and Distinguished Expert. Practicing for Defensive Pistol 2
  • Practices monthly at an indoor range and trains pistol and carbine as often as possible on their outdoor range in Dahlonega, GA
  • Alumni of Sean Brogan’s Center Mass Tactical Training Pistol 1 & 2 and Rife 1 & 2. She trains in these classes many times per year
  • Violent Criminals and YOU: A Thinker’s Approach to Decisions about Personal and Family Protection with William Aprill & Claude Werner aka the Tactical Professor
  • Red Dawn Response with Craig “Sawman” Sawyer of Tactical Insider (pistol & carbine training)
  • Andrew Branca’s Law of Self Defense Level 1 & Level 2
  • Lone Star Medics Tac Med: EDC with Caleb Causey
  • First Person Safety’s Police-Citizen Contacts with Chief Deputy Lee Weems
  • Hard Target with Craig “Sawman” of Tactical Insider

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