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Theme: Fun In The Sun Hour #1 Guests: - Tamara Brown – 3 Gun-Nation shooter, hunter, and was featured in a Women’s Outdoor News Blog titled, “Incorporating Firearms into your Physical Fitness Routine” - Mary Hagen - owner of Hagen Hunting an avid huntress, a fierce business woman, and serial entrepreneur with a passion for fashion and the outdoors. - Tim Bero of TNW Firearms - TNW is maker of the Aero Survival Rifle (ASR) a compact and lightweight rifle built to disassemble quickly, making this pistol the ideal firearm for anyone who is concerned with safety or interested in outdoor activities.

GunFreedomRadio EP82 Hr.1 Fun In The Sun

1:00pm, 25th March

Segment Guest List, the company is looking forward to being available in stores like Bass Pro and Sportsman’s Warehouse.

Hagen has served as the Hunting Director with ASRPA since late 2014, and has plans to grow the organization as Vice President next year (2017).

Title: Founder & CEO Hagen Hunting

Hagen Hunting is an outdoor apparel company for women.

“My top priority is to work with good people, doing great things, and adding value to the industry.”
Background: Project Management, Media Planning

Incorporating Firearms into your Physical Fitness Routine.Tamara Brown 3.25.17a

From Tamara: I’m 43, a native Floridian, grew up in the country atmosphere, learning to shoot from my Dad for defense/protection from rattlesnakes, intruders, etc. and was taught gun safety all a the same time. Always had horses so I’ve shown competitively all my life and just started shooting competitively in the last year or so. I graduated from University of Florida with my first bachelors degree and then went for a second in nursing, which is what I’ve been doing career-wise for the last 12 years.

I wanted to get more involved with guns so I joined TWAW after seeing their information on FB. I’ve been an active member of the Gainesville chapter (and a co-leader) for nearly 3 years now. I am also a member of A Girl and A Gun and we are building a new chapter in Gainesville currently. I am single, recently divorced, and have a great small country farm outside of Gainesville, FL where my horse and two dogs live with me.

Hour #2 Guests: - Big Sandy Guys – Judd, Danny, Doug, and Mike Kunch – a bunch of us went out to Big Sandy for the first time yesterday and will be in-studia to share all of the awesomeness that we got to see and do yesterday – what is Big Sandy?...only the BIGGEST Machine Gun Shoot in the world! Responsibly Armed Citizen Report Dan’s Calm-mentary

GunFreedomRadio EP82 Hr.2 Fun In The Sun

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