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Cheryl Todd
Written on: December 31, 2018

New Year’s Resolution: How to Walk Away – and Toward A Better America

January is the month that helps us to stop for a few moments and reflect on our lives. We glance back at the previous twelve months and look ahead at the coming year. We make New Year’s Resolutions and promise to not only walk away from old habits, but also to walk toward the promise […]

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Cheryl Todd
Written on: March 5, 2016

The DC Project – Projecting A New Image On America’s Future, by Cheryl Todd

The DC Project – Projecting A New Image On America’s Future The word project has multiple meanings.  It can be a plan, a mission, or a venture.  However, if you pronounce it slightly different the same word means to communicate something, to cast forth light, to stick out, and to make our voice audible. How […]

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