Our Guests: Tom Hall, FASTERSavesLives

Tom Hall, FASTERSavesLives

About Tom Hall, FASTERSavesLives

Tom Hall is firearms instructor with FASTERSavesLives which is practical violence response training that has been protecting and saving the lives of school children across the nation for a decade. He also works to produce the monthly FASTER Challenge Program, using competition and fun target practice to help keep training and practice at the forefront of our minds.

Tom is a 13-year veteran of the US Army where he specialized in legal work for US Special Forces doing international & operational law as well as UCMJ issues.
Tom graduated from THE Ohio State University with a a BA in History where he focused on US constitutional history

Says Tom, “I started teaching concealed carry after a friend wanted me to help him. I started for free because my mission was and still is, “the more armed educated law-abiding citizens there are the freer I am.””

Tom has been working with Buckeye Firearms Foundation and the FASTER Saves Lives program for 7 years and has been teaching the Foundations level of that program for 3 years.

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