Our Guests: Todd Fossey

Todd Fossey
Todd Fossey

About Todd Fossey

Todd Fossey is the Founder and Chief Instructor at Integrative Defense Strategies (IDS) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is a regular contributor on Funker Tactical and Aperture Fight Focused YouTube channel, member of the Personal Defense Network’s (PDN) Contribution Team, 2nd Amendment Advocate, and champion for the Citizen Defender.

Todd is best known for his innovative, evidence based and holistic approaches to integrating multiple disciplines into training and personal defense, specializing in extreme close quarters, weapons based combatives for armed Citizen Defenders with and emphasis in weapons defense, weapon takeaways, active shooter and terror response training.

Mr. Fossey is an FSI Certified Force Science Analyst and a former lecturer at medical schools and has a 15-year background in psychophysiology offering him special insight into the psychological, physiological and perceptual effects of high-stress critical incidents and human performance.

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