Our Guests: Steve Clark

Steve Clark 08.03.16
Steve Clark

About Steve Clark

Stephen Clark is currently the Executive Director of one of Arizona’s largest and most active wildlife conservation organizations. After 7 years as the President of the Arizona Elk Society (AES) the organization had grown from grass roots nonprofit to the place it is today. Steve’s passion for wildlife, wildlife habitat and getting youth involved in conservation has led him to be recognized by many agencies and groups.


Arizona Elk Society one of Arizona’s largest and most active wildlife conservation organizations

In 2010 Stephen was awarded the Civilian Conservationist of the Year award by the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. In 2012 he was chosen as a National Hero of Conservation by Field and Stream Magazine. Most recently he has been recognized as the Arizona Game and Fish Commission’s Conservationist of the year for 2015. Steve and the Arizona Elk Society have been awarded numerous awards from the Arizona Game and Fish Commission throughout the years.

Growing up in the outdoors has led Steve to feel that all of us are responsible for the environment around us. As a small business owner for 28 years he has donated thousands of hours working for wildlife and helping many organizations by serving on Boards and Committees determined to make a difference in the outdoors.

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