Our Guests: Scott Johnson – Inventor of Tacticatch

Scott Johnson 4.1.17
Scott Johnson – Inventor of Tacticatch

About Scott Johnson – Inventor of Tacticatch

Scott Johnson, Inventor of TactiCatch AR Rifle Retention System

The Tacticatch is the fastest way to secure and retrieve your AR rifle while keeping it from swinging away from your body and getting in the way.

TactiCatch Logo

TactiCatch Logo

The TactiCatch is designed to be an improved mechanism for carrying and securing a rifle since slings only hold your rifle passively and loosely against you, however when your rifle is stowed in the TactiCatch system, it is positively secured to you while dispersing the weight to your vest or belt, allowing you to still move and bend freely.

Specifically designed to be a secure way of ensuring your weapon stays put and easily accessible when stowed when you go hands free to – tacticatch-image

  • Secure a detainee
  • Collect evidence
  • Transition to a secondary weapon
  • Or when using breaching tools

For personnel assigned to

  • SWAT
  • Breachers
  • EOD Techs
  • K-9 handlers
  • Border Patrol
  • EMT’s and Medics – to ensure your patient doesn’t get injured by your rifle

This system allows you to keep your rifle close and ready without sacrificing security!


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