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Renne Wittrock 5.12.18
Renee Wittrock

About Renee Wittrock

Renee Wittrock is the co-founder, along with her husband, Chip, of the NEW Scottsdale start-up Sportsmen’s Business Alliance. She owns multiple businesses, is an author, international speaker and Entrepreneur from Scottsdale Arizona. She is active in the business community and economic development and she is the current Chair for the Scottsdale Chamber’s Airpark Action Committee. As a thought leader in the community she works consistently to bring biology-based wildlife conservation efforts to the forefront of the economic conversations in the city.

As a community leader, advocate for our 2nd Amendment rights and the protection of our hunting and fishing heritage, Renee sits on Hunters and Angler’s Heritage Workshop Group (HAHWG) which is a group supported by Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) along with 60 Non Government Organizations.  She also is a consistent participant and speaker at the AZGFD  Outdoor Business Summit.

She speaks on the decline of hunters and fishermen in the United States and how that problem mirrors the work force issues that are being experienced by the business community. She speaks and writes about Recruiting, Reactivating and Retaining Hunters and Fishermen in the United States and the need for education and social outreach in this area.

Renee earned her BA in Journalism in 1990 from San Diego State University.

She has been happily married to her husband, business partner and best friend Chip Wittrock since 1991. She and Chip own and operate Wittrock Financial Group (WFG). Established in 1987, WFG is boutique wealth management firm in partnership with BCJ Financial. According to Renee, “Wittrock Financial Group has been the backbone that allows Chip and I to support our entrepreneurial, hunting, fishing and activist habits” with their most recent venture being the soon to launch Sportsmen’s Business Alliance. A family business that will include their pride and joy, their son Levi Wittrock as an active partner.

Renee Wittrock 5.12.18

Renee & Chip Wittrock, co-founders of Sportsmen’s Business Alliance.

Raised all over the US and educated mostly in California Renee Wittrock managed to stay a

Conservative and truly believes that AMERICA CAN BE GREAT AGAIN! Next to God and her family, her freedom is the most important element of her life.  Renee works on a grass roots level to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. She puts her time, effort and money where her mouth is when it comes to protecting our hunting and fishing heritage and biology-based wildlife conservation.

She is the mother of Levi Wittrock a world class hunter, collegiate and professional bass fisherman.

If you cannot find Renee , check outdoors, she is sure to be camping, hunting or fishing with her husband Chip, their son Levi and their 2 dogs Lily and Gypsy.

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