Our Guests: Lana Fore Bryan of US Law Shield

Lana Fore Bryan
Lana Fore Bryan of US Law Shield

About Lana Fore Bryan of US Law Shield

Lana Fore Bryan is the District Manager of US Law Shield in Colorado and New Mexico. US Law Shield is Self-Defense Legal Program that protects you when you are forced to use a firearm or any tool of self-defense to save your life or the lives of others.

Lana comes from a world of communications, editorials, marketing and promotions. She is also the former publisher and founder for Monarch Publishing (Connect Colorado Magazine, Lone Star Magazine and Your Community Marketplace) The Constitutionalist Today along with Common Sense News & Radio, where she utilized her skills and became a voice for the liberty-grassroots movement. 

Ms.Bryan’s 25 years in publishing, started out in radio, she continued her work in newspapers and magazines throughout the country. Lana has been an NRA Instructor for many years and has been an avid shooter for 30 years. Her passion is empowering women and teaching children the safety and fundamentals of shooting.

In 2011, Lana founded Honor Flight of Southern Colorado, which is a non-profit opened in her fathers memory and also volunteers with the USO. Ms. Bryan’s proven record in leadership is why she has built a distinguished career in developing marketing campaigns at the local, regional and national levels. She has been recognized as an accomplished professional having received several awards for her outstanding creative ad campaigns and writing abilities.

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