Our Guests: Dr John R Lott

John R Lott 08.27.16
Dr John R Lott

About Dr John R Lott

John R Lott is the nation’s preeminent expert on guns and author of a number of books including “More Guns, Less Crime” and his latest “The War On Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies”.

John Richard Lott, Jr. is an American economist, political commentator, and gun rights advocate. Lott was formerly employed at various academic institutions including the University of Chicago, Yale University, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Maryland, College Park, and at the American Enterprise Institute conservative think tank. As of 2016, he is a columnist for FoxNews.com and the president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, a nonprofit he founded in 2013. Lott holds a Ph.D. in economics from UCLA.

Dr Lott is best known as an advocate in the gun rights debate, particularly his arguments against restrictions on owning and carrying guns. In 2000, Nobel laureate Milton Friedman said that “John Lott has few equals as a perceptive analyst of controversial public policy issues.” Newsweek referred to Lott as “The Gun Crowd’s Guru.” (Source: Wikipedia)

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