Our Guests: Jeremy Griffin

Jeremy Griffin
Jeremy Griffin

About Jeremy Griffin

Jeremy Griffin is the Owner of Dropzone Gunner and Co-Owner of Grizzly Targets.

Jeremy grew up working in construction in Rochester NY for his uncle’s business, Wright Bros. Contractors. Jeremy started working side jobs doing painting and drywall at the age of seventeen. By twenty-one, he was insured as a company and on his own professionally. Along the way Jeremy attended Monroe Community College. He was inspired by a marketing professor to take the plunge and go into the field. By twenty-six, Jeremy transferred to the University of Tampa and finished a marketing degree four years later with a 3.4 GPA.

Currently running a handful of small businesses including:

  • Dropzone Gunner is an industry-changing event that combines large obstacle course racing with a live fire AR-15 shooting competition.  First event was completed in January 2018 and currently planning national tour.  Columbus, Savannah, Phoenix and Tampa are on the tour so far, with more to come!!
  • Grizzly Targets specializes in reactive steel shooting targets and training equipment. Jeremy purchased Grizzly Targets in 2017 with the goal of taking an unknown company and turning it into a national icon within 18 months. Mission almost accomplished.
    • Letters of appreciation from Special Operations Warrior Foundation
    • Letter of appreciation from Air Force Special Operations
    • Participate/Host multiple SWAT and Law Enforcement challenges throughout the year.
  • Jeremy is also the owner of Startup Street, which specializes in behind-the-scenes video content/vlogs, B2B marketing and branding. Helping young people start businesses and established businesses reach the next level.
  • Jeremy co-owns Outfast Realty, as managing partner, covering property management with 50 rental units under contract and on average about 3-5 houses sold per year.
  • In addition, Jeremy is involved with Startup Street Studios, a community podcasting center opened for the entrepreneurs of the Tampa area to help them bring their stories to the masses. Featuring wired phone lines, five mics, full streaming/recording capabilities and lots of coffee!!

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