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Jenna Meek
Jenna Meek

About Jenna Meek

Jenna Meek, once described as a cross between Rambo and Martha Stewart, is an author and firearms instructor specializing in self-defense. She holds credentials from the Massad Ayoob Group and the NRA, and in collaboration with Marc MacYoung has created SafetyConcepts to bring effective personal safety information for everyone.

Safety Concepts is an educational approach to personal safety that helps you improve your quality of life through seminars, books, audio-books, and videos. Their mission is to paint the big picture of effective personal safety and provide you with tools to fortify the life you’re already living. In their own words:

Our focus is on the skills and information most people need in most places, most of the time. Most people don’t need to be action heroes. Most people need to deal with everyday intimidation, boundary violations, and navigating unfamiliar circumstances.

Do we have specialized training for extraordinary circumstances? Yes, but we build a foundation of fundamental understanding first. Before learning to handle dangerous situations, we teach people how to recognize them and avoid them altogether when they can.

That said, we are in the business of building capable, confident people. When a conflict can’t be avoided, we will arm you with the best information about what to do before, during, and after to make sure you go home to your loved ones.”

In addition to teaching shooting skills, she also teaches her students about violence awareness (and prevention) and the legal aftermath of using deadly force in self-defense, whether gun related or not. When she is not writing or teaching grownups, she is homeschooling her kiddo and being slobbered on by her loving pack of dogs.

She specializes teaching in the firearms discipline. Jenna her husband, Jeff run Carry On Colorado. Jenna has also be spotted traveling, teaching and learning from other instructors.

Jenna’s new book is titled “Calling the Shots: Self-protection and firearm choices that work for you.”

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