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Jeff Glaze

About Jeff Glaze

Jeff Glaze is a training, technical and leadership consultant.  He is an advocate for innovative and lasting solutions for conflict de-escalation and resolution.  Jeff seeks to create a culture of constructive conflict within families and organizations.

Jeff retired after 25 years of Air Force service as an electronics technician and First Sergeant.  His electronics experiences primarily involved maintenance of radio communications systems, but also included curriculum development and computer programming.  After 20 years of electronics maintenance, he became a First Sergeant and provided leadership in Force Support, Civil Engineer, Medical, and Training Squadrons.  Since retirement, Jeff has worked as a Training Captain/Wildland Firefighter/EMT, Vineyard Manager/Assistant Wine Maker, Training/Technical Consultant, and Geotechnical Consultant.  At the current time, Jeff works in Long Term and Acute health care to support his education goals.

A perpetual student, Jeff has Associate degrees in Electronics and HRM, a BS in Social Psychology, and an MA in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation.  He also has education in Fire Science, Paramedicine, and computer programming.  Presently Jeff is attending Nursing School.

Jeff’s goal is to create a culture shift in nursing from what is arguably a norm of conflict escalation, to one of conflict resolution.  This shift is intended to improve quality of life for healthcare clients, especially those in long term care situations who are chronically affected by poor conflict skills.  Cohesive teamwork, decreased employee burnout and improved litigation outcomes are also possible benefits of this culture shift.

Jeff has developed a conflict resolution curriculum for training long term facility care providers.

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