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James K Marovich 3.12.16
James Marovich

About James Marovich

Attorney James Marovich is an Attorney, Firearms Instructor, Arizona Ranger, and appears on TV’s Stop The Threat seen on the Pursuit Channel.

James practices all manner of law, including being a Self-defense Lawyer. Knowing whether to use a firearm in defense of yourself or in defense of another is not an easy question to answer. When a threat to you or a loved one of serious physical injury is imminent and you have only seconds to make a decision that could have lifelong legal consequences. Mr. Marovich helps us understand the legal ramifications of self-defense as well as the benefits of establishing an attorney-client relationship from the moment that you decide to carry a firearm for self-defense.

James also has appeared on Stop The Threat, which televises reenactments of self-defense shootings.  After viewing the events portrayed in the reenactments, the three-panel members discuss the events and talk about what could have been done better and differently.  The three-panel members are typically comprised of current or former law enforcement, firearms instructors, and an attorney.

James will be appearing in five episodes of the new season that begins on June 29, 2016 on the Pursuit Channel on 604 and DISH carries it on 393.

1.  Foiled Robbery

2.  Knife To A Gunfight

3.  Party Crashers

4.  Driveway Theft

5.  Car To Die For

To learn more, check out http://stopthethreat.tv.

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