Our Guests: Dr Joe Heck

Dr Joe Heck
Dr Joe Heck

About Dr Joe Heck

Dr Joe Heck is a Physician, Small Business Owner, US Brigadier General, and Congressman serving Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District

Dr Joe Heck wears many hats and has many accomplishments including:

  • Husband
  • Father of three
  • Emergency room physician
  • Volunteered as search and rescue team member
  • Served as local and federal SWAT doctor
  • Iraq veteran
  • Owned and operated small business
  • Brigadier general in the U.S. Army Reserve

 What is his record?

 Jobs and economy

 Passed law to clean and develop abandon mine site to create 3,000 jobs in Nevada at no cost to taxpayers.

  • Reduced tax burden on Nevadans by making state and local sales tax deduction permanent.
  • Streamlined workforce training programs to ensure Nevadans receive skills needed to find jobs.
  • Reduced spending to pre-Obama levels and supported legislation to balance budget.
  • Introduced JOLT Act to create estimated 1.2 million jobs and add as much as $860 billion to economy.

National security and veterans

  • As world becomes more dangerous, fought downsizing of armed forces.
  • Achieved reform of military retirement system to ensure all who serve have some retirement security.
  • Stood against President to ensure promised pay raise for military.
  • Bill to help end veteran homelessness unanimously passed House, Senate and signed into law.
  • Kept pressure on VA to make opening of Laughlin VA clinic reality.
  • Opposes President’s dangerous Iran nuclear deal and Syrian refugee plan.
  • Continues to push for accountability from VA to ensure veterans get health care and benefits they earned.

Health care

  • One of first Members of Congress to introduce legislation to repeal and replace Affordable Care Act.
  • Cosponsored bill with GOP Doctors Caucus to start over with patient-centered solutions including interstate purchase of insurance, individual health pools, expanded health savings accounts, tax credits for purchase of coverage, and lawsuit abuse reforms to reduce costly practice of defensive medicine.
  • Strengthened Medicare reimbursements to ensure seniors are able to see doctors of their choice.
  • Working to fix Nevada’s doctor shortage to increase health care access for all Nevadans.


  • Returned local control over funding and policy decisions to states and school districts.
  • Ensured educators and parents decide what is best for students, not bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.
  • Prevented federal government from coercing states into adopting Common Core standards.
  • Introduced bipartisan bill to boost funding for career and technical education, which is successful in Nevada.
  • Introduced bipartisan bill to simplify financial aid application process to make college more accessible.
  • Supported and worked to strengthen Pell Grants, including bill to give students flexibility to draw funds at accelerated pace to complete degrees more quickly, leading to less debt and faster entry into workforce.
  • Passed bipartisan reform capping student loan interest rates for students and parents, which lowered rates.

What will Dr. Heck do in U.S. Senate?

Dr. Heck will continue to use his real-world experience and expertise on the most important issues to build a stronger Nevada. He will stand for our Constitutional rights, restore checks and balances, and support Supreme Court justices who will interpret the Constitution as it was written.

Does he support Nevada Background Checks for Gun Purchases Initiative, Question 1 (2016)?

Dr. Joe Heck has always supported the rights of law-abiding citizens to own and bear arms. Although he has and will continue to support efforts to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, the severely mentally ill, and those who may seek to harm our communities or themselves, he is opposed to the measure that will appear on the November ballot because it proposes a system that makes it more difficult to buy, sell, and lend firearms among friends, family, and other law-abiding citizens without evidence that it would keep guns out of the hands of those with an intent to commit, or propensity for, violence. Dr. Heck has a concealed carry permit, an A rating from the NRA and is a lifetime member.

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