Our Guests: Doug Ritter

Doug Ritter
Doug Ritter

About Doug Ritter

Doug is the founder and Chairman of Knife Rights.

He is an award-winning writer and subject matter expert on survival gear, which led to developing his own acclaimed line of Doug Ritter RSK knives. Doug currently spends the majority of his time rewriting knife law in America to benefit Individual Liberties.

Knife Rights has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are building that Sharper Future™ as we Rewrite Knife Law in America™. As of August 2022, Knife Rights is responsible for 39 bills repealing knife bans in 25 states and over 150 cities and towns.

While our knives are primarily tools, ultimately our right to own and carry these tools is enshrined in the Second Amendment. The fight to protect our knives is the Second Front in Defense of the Second Amendment™. The two pillars upon which Knife Rights stands are “Essential Tools – Essential Rights™.” We cannot retain the former without the latter.

Knife Rights is really two organizations. Knife Rights, Inc. is the 501(c)(4) member advocacy organization which promotes pro-knife legislation and opposes anti-knife legislation. The Knife Rights Foundation, Inc., is the 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization that also pursues litigation in support of knife owner civil rights.

Knife Rights can only succeed as a grassroots organization if we build our membership, because it is the votes those members represent that politicians listen to. Rights Foundation is dedicated to:

Knife Rights

Knife Rights to ensure a Sharper FutureKnife

  1. Encouraging safe and responsible use of knives and edged tools through education and outreach;
  2. Educating knife owners, public officials and the general public about the history of knives and edged tools;
  3. Educating knife owners, public officials and the general public about knife and edged tool related laws and regulations
  4. Defense of knife owners’ civil rights through litigation

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