Our Guests: Deb DeSpain

Deb DeSpain 5.28.16
Deb DeSpain

About Deb DeSpain

Deb DeSpain – Mom, Registered Nurse, 3-Gun Competitor, NRA Certified Instructor, Gun Girl Gladiator, and part of the 2016 DC Project.

Deb DeSpain 5.28.16a

Deb DeSpain at Bianchi Cup 2016. Ready – Set – Pew Pew. 6 shots on target.

Says Deb: “I have two wonderful adult children. I really can’t remember a time that I didn’t know how to shoot a pistol. I am a NRA instructor for pistol, rifle, shotgun, along with personal protection inside and outside the home. Long before my certifications I had to protect myself when I woke up with a man standing at the end of my bed with the rope planning to rape and kill me. My 38 snubnose revolver saved my life which had been a gift from our local sheriff. I am an amateur three gun shooter and participated in the Bianchi Cup 2016. The Bianchi Cup was very humbling because I’m shooting among the best of the best where 10 countries are represented!”

Deb DeSpain 5.28.16b

Deb DeSpain Gun Girl Gladiator

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