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Brian Hill

About Brian Hill

Brian Hill is owner and head instructor of The Complete Combatant in Dahlonega, GA. He is a Heckler & Koch (HK) Brand Ambassador, a Rangemaster Certified Master Instructor, and a Certified Red Dot Instructor and an Endorsed Instructor with Modern Samurai Project. Brian holds a Force Science Analyst Certification and is also certified by Massad Ayoob Group as a Deadly Force Instructor

Brian is a 4th degree Black belt in Jiu Jitsu, has graduated from The Law Of Self Defense Instructor program and is a form deputy with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department.

“I have been a Martial Arts student in the Marietta, Georgia area since I was 14, and an instructor since I was 18. Training & instructing in combative firearm techniques, martial arts, and physical fitness have always been my passion. I believe that you must be a student for life and train to be creative and adapt. Look for opportunities that may save your life in a combative situation. I live in Woodstock with my wife Shelley “the indispensable organizational wizard”, I have a beautiful step-daughter Alexandria, a “like minded” son-in-law Clay, and 2 amazing grandchildren Emmett and Grayson. I am very blessed”.
You are the weapon,
Brian Hill

Brian Hill is a Rangemaster Certified Instructor of  Tom Givens Rangemaster’s  Instructor Development Course and has trained in Pistol, Rifle and Precision Rifle for many years as an instructor and a student.

Brian Hill has GRADUATED with HONORS (A = Excellent per Andrew Branca) from Andrew Branca’s Law of Self Defense Instructor Program! This program provides professional-level understanding of the theory and application of self-defense law. This will provide a foundation of knowledge of the theory and application of self-defense law, at a depth unavailable anywhere but law school (and not even in the large majority of those). As a result, our students can be confident that our self-defense law instruction is well-informed and tested, our ability to analyze the legal aspects of hypothetical self-defense scenarios is well-founded, and that Brian can be trusted to advise you when you need to consult with an actual attorney.

Brian is a member of Active Self Protection‘s (ASP) Instructor Development Portal and is one of the qualified instructors listed on ASP’s Instructor Directory on behalf of The Complete Combatant and Fusion MMA.

Complete Combatant

Brian Hill is a Board Member at Racheal’s Rest. Racheal’s Rest is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that offers private counseling and five-day restorative retreat programs designed to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of survivors. They exist to help women and children who experienced sexual abuse or acts of violence regain their balance in life. Racheal’s Rest is Fusion MMA and The Complete Combatant’s featured charity. We invite you to visit Racheal’s Rest’s website and please consider donating a gift of any size. THANK YOU!

Remember the overused, yet perfect cliché is real….”YOU ARE THE WEAPON AND EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST A TOOL”.

Brian helped author a Blog article on the subject of Fitness & Firearms for the Women’s Outdoor News. Read the entire article here.

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Crossroads Center for Christian Ministries, Inc. offers private counseling and five-day restorative retreat programs designed to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of violence survivors.



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