Gun Freedom Radio Show Guests

Kevin Michalowski 3.26.16

Kevin Michalowski

Kevin Michalowski is the Executive Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine and a fully certified law-enforcement officer in his home state of Wisconsin. He has been actively involved in defensive firearms training, as a student, writer and trainer for 20 years.

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Jenna Meek 3.19.16

Jenna Meek

Jenna Meek is an author, podcaster and self-defense instructor holding credentials from the Massad Ayoob Group and the NRA. She specializes teaching in the firearms discipline.  Jenna her husband, Jeff run Carry On Colorado. Jenna has also be spotted traveling, teaching and learning from other instructors. When she’s not teaching, she is homeschooling her school aged son and […]

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Jeanelle Westrom 3.19.16a

Jeanelle Westrom

Jeanelle Westrom is the owner of Davenport Guns, LLC., a new (in 2015) 3000 square foot gun shop and classroom and the Davenport Shooting Club, a 12 lane / 50 feet indoor pistol range.   This facility is located in Davenport Iowa. Davenport Guns also holds FFL’s in two other locations allowing Jeanelle and her team to […]

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Kendall Reed 3.15.16

Kendall Reed

Kendall Reed is an International Skeet Shooter out of Fort Worth, TX and a member of Team Krieghoff.  When not at home training, she travels to competitions and attends industry events (i.e. Shot show, Dallas Safari Club.) Over the past five years Kendall has competed in numerous USA Shooting Competitions including several National Junior Olympics and […]

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Craig Fernandez

Craig Fernandez

Craig Fernandez is an avid shooter and firearms instructor. His has an extensive  background working in the high tech field for over 20 years. His work started with mainframe software design and transitioned in to the web and cloud services. He’s worked for both very large fortune 15 companies and silicon valley startups. He moved […]

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