Our Guests: Xena Amirani

Xena Amirani
Xena Amirani

About Xena Amirani

Xena Amirani is the Chairwoman and National Director of March 4 Our Rights, a student-led nonprofit organization with a mission to protect the Second Amendment through social media education and peaceful demonstration.
March 4 Our Rights’ first marches are happening on July 7, 2018 in over a dozen locations nationwide. Aside from being a political activist, Xena is a pre-law student at the University of Southern California. She aspires to become an attorney and political lobbyist upon graduating law school.
Though always a Constitutional Libertarian and Second Amendment supporter, Xena only recently got into shooting for sport, however wants to clarify that as the vegan gun girl, she only ever shoots paper and clay targets.

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