Our Guests: Todd Rathner

Todd Rathner

About Todd Rathner

Todd Rathner has twenty years experience lobbying Second Amendment issues. He is a former NRA lobbyist, and current Director of Legislative Affairs for Knife Rights

Mr. Rathner is the president of the NFA Freedom Alliance an association dedicated to the owners, dealers and manufacturers of NFA weapons.

Mr. Rathner has served as a registered lobbyist at the federal level and in more than a dozen states. He is an avid hunter, shooter, and NFA owner.

A selection of Mr. Rathner’s most significant legislative accomplishments:

    • Developed the concept of CLEO ‘Shall Certify’ legislation and worked to pass it in Arizona, Kansas and Utah.
    • Drafted, filed, and worked to enact laws permitting hunting with suppressors, in at least four states.
    • Represented the silencer industry in meetings with the BATFE, regarding the efile system, federal regulation 41P, and other issues.
    • Served as one of the chief architects of Arizona’s Constitutional Carry law, which removed the requirement that a citizen obtain a license before carrying a gun for self-defense . Introduced, passed, and enacted Knife Law Preemption in seven states, thereby, repealing local knife laws and preventing new ones from being enacted.
    • Strengthened and improved Arizona’s firearms preemption law, which repealed dozens of local gun control ordinances and prohibits new local ordinances from being enacted.
    • Introduced, passed, and worked to enact Knife Law Preemption in seven states, thereby, repealing local knife laws and preventing new ones from being enacted.
    • Successfully worked to repeal the ban on switchblade knives and knives exceeding an arbitrary length, in seven states
    • Drafted and helped to enact numerous laws allowing shooters to utilize public and private lands and protecting public shooting ranges from closure.
    • Assisted in the drafting and introduction of the Knife Owners Protection act, which is still pending before the United States Congress.
    • Assisted in drafting national policies for the FAA and TSA to allow hunters to travel with firearms as checked baggage, in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy.
    • Defeated various anti-Second Amendment proposals in numerous states.
    • Has appeared on various programs on Fox News, National Public Radio, Huffpost Live, and many local television and radio outlets.

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