Our Guests: Tina Martin

Tina Martin 5.20.18
Tina Martin

About Tina Martin

Tina Martin, Owner / Operator of Shieldmaiden Defense, which specializes in the training of effective instructors for the teaching of women shooters.

As a former scientist, wetland biologist, mother of three children, and passionate 3 Gun competitor, Tina Martin brings a diverse background, and wide-ranging experience that enables her to quickly understand student issues, and effectively communicate techniques. Tina’s goal is to get students on the path to continued success, by getting them to understand not just the how, but also the why, of the tools and techniques needed. She specializes in teaching female shooters, and intuitively understands the biomechanical and mental differences that make them unique to the shooting world.SHIELDMAIDEN DEFENSE Logo

Shieldmaiden Defense was born from the absence of effective instructors for the teaching of women shooters. With 13 years of shooting experience to include competition, tactical, hunting, and plinking, Tina Martin, owner of Shield Maiden Defense, understands the needs and challenges to teaching women shooters how to feel safe, confident, and effective with firearms, all from a fellow women’s point of view.

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