Our Guests: Tim Bero of TNW Firearms

Tim Bero 3.25.17
Tim Bero of TNW Firearms

About Tim Bero of TNW Firearms

Tim Bero President of TNW Firearms, maker of the Aero Survival Rifle (ASR) a compact and lightweight rifle and built to disassemble quickly, making this pistol the ideal firearm for anyone who is concerned with safety or interested in outdoor activities.

Tim designs and manufactures weapons systems and has been in the industry for 22 years.  Since its opening in the early nineties, TNW Firearms Inc., has been a leader in the manufacture and development of historical weaponry and accessories. TNW prides themselves on preserving firearms history for collectors, museums and movie companies.

From TNW: Our company relocated to Vernonia, Oregon in 1994, where we were able to grow with onsite R&D, testing, and production. TNW conducts much of its business and manufacturing locally and partners with a large network of companies in the greater Portland area. From its first product, the Semi auto Browning 1919, TNW Firearms has grown to provide an array of products expanding into the shooting sports and national defense markets.

In 2012 TNW introduced the new Aero Survival Rifle; this original designed firearm incorporated technology and features that had never been used in the carbine rifle market.

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