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Thomas Yoxall
Thomas Yoxall

About Thomas Yoxall

Thomas Yoxall is the Responsibly Armed Citizen who saved the life of an AZ DPS Trooper, Ed Andersson, who was being attacked on a lonely stretch of highway. Thomas is also a street photographer and will soon begin hosting a radio segment on AZ’s KTAR about PTS.

Ed Andersson and Thomas Yoxall

AZ DPS Trooper Ed Andersson & Thomas Yoxall

Thomas Yoxall is a true Arizona native. Born in Phoenix, and raised in Glendale, he has called Arizona his home for 45 years. After spending most of his adult life as a tradesman, Thomas was blessed to discover a passion for photography, which he has used to report and describe the events that transpire in the world around him. With a raw, unedited and visceral style, Thomas canonizes these moments in time using monochrome as his medium.

After a life-changing event, in January 2017, Thomas found himself embarking on, what would be, one of the most robust endeavors he had experienced. The realization that the road to healing is difficult and seldom understood by society in general, Thomas discovered the importance of poignant advocacy for those who suffer, in silence, from PTSD. This chapter is where his new journey begins.

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