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Tara Craft

About Tara Craft

Tara Craft is a firearms instructor, blogger, and Second Amendment advocate who shares her experiences as a female gun owner on various social media platforms.

Tara began her Instagram account, “How I Carry”, as a way to document the challenges of learning to carry a concealed firearm, but quickly recognized that quality instruction was an important part of the process. When she was unable to find training in her area, she set a goal to become a firearms instructor. Two years later, she and her husband founded Gen2 Training LLC to offer beginner classes to their rural community.

After working with many new gun owners, Tara learned that they often encountered the same obstacles and concerns in joining the firearms community. She began to incorporate their experiences into her social media content and found that they resonated with her followers. A member of the DC Project and Virginia Citizens Defense League, Tara believes that Second Amendment rights are for everyone and encourages everyone to advocate for the right to bear arms.

Tara is a scientist and medical laboratory director who enjoys spending time with her husband and three children. Her favorite pastimes include reading, trying not to kill houseplants, and competitive shooting.

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