Our Guests: “Shakey Dave” Smith, The ParkinsonShooter

"Shakey Dave" Smith, The ParkinsonShooter
“Shakey Dave” Smith, The ParkinsonShooter

About “Shakey Dave” Smith, The ParkinsonShooter

David Smith, otherwise known as “Shakey Dave,” The ParkinsonShooter, is a professional shooter sponsored by F-1 Firearms, STI, and LaserShot. He competes in 3-Gun and rifle competitions across the country and internationally.

What is unique about Dave is that he does all of this while having Parkinson’s Disease. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease ten years ago. Although Parkinson’s altered Dave’s lifestyle in many ways, one thing it did not take away was his passion and ability to shoot guns.

He started shooting guns on a daily basis as his form of therapy – “Gun Therapy.” Doctors have confirmed that raising the dopamine levels through “Gun Therapy” (which he lacks due to Parkinson’s) has been key in his journey to aid in recovery.

Moving forward, Dave has formed a non-profit, GunTherapy.org to raise awareness of the good “Gun Therapy” can do for all people, especially Parkinson’s Disease and other disabilities. He hopes to inspire others to see what “Gun Therapy” can do for them.

Follow his adventures on Instagram @parkinsonshooter

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