Our Guests: Scott Prior

Scott Prior, President of Liberal Gun Club of AZ
Scott Prior

About Scott Prior

Scott Prior is a competitive shooter with a YouTube channel called Scooter’s Brass, and the current president of the Arizona Chapter of The Liberal Gun Club.

As the child of two Veterans, Scott has lived in many different places around the world, but spent most of his teen and early adult life in the panhandle of Texas.

Scott is one of approximately 16 million liberal gun owners that fully support and fight for the 2nd Amendment. His first real appearance to support the Second Amendment was at the 10th Annual Celebrate and Protect the 2nd Amendment/Right to Keep & Bear Arms at the Arizona Capitol in Feb 2023.

Scott believes that the Constitution is not a partisan document and that every American deserves equal protections under the law. He also believes that the ‘gun control’ crowd needs to start focusing on the causes of violence, instead of trying to manipulate and create gun laws that will be ineffective against gun violence.

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