Our Guests: Pete Philippe

Pete Philippe
Pete Philippe

About Pete Philippe

Pete Philippe is a lifelong gun owner, collector and shooter. He has also been interested in the internet and the progression of that technology. He realized that he could combine those two passions, and created an online platform to share Firearms Culture, 2A History and to bring Gun Communities from all across the nation together with his network of 2A Websites: Gun Channels and Gun Websites.

From Pete:

“Our goals:

  • To Promote our Second Amendment 
  • To create Pro-2A Content (a LOT of it)
  • We will Encourage & Enhance Other Creators 2A Efforts

A few of our accomplishments:

1997 – We built our first websites, while working at AOL, to show friends out of state our fishing pictures

2001 – We start to build a network of websites of our own

2004 – We started GunWebsites.com to be the hub of our Hunting & Shooting websites
– Now over 350 websites in three networks

Jan 2012 – Our Guns & Video Footage was featured on the Modern Marvels cable T.V. show
– Modern Marvels: Tiny Weapons
– Originally Aired: Wednesday, Jan 16, 2012 at 10:00 PM
– on The History Channel

Nov 2013 – We built Gun Channels.com
an online community focused on firearms
For Shooters, by Shooters
– 5,000+ Members
– 24/7 Chat

Sept 2015 – AK47 Identification Playing Cards
Our 1st Successful Kickstarter Project

Every 2nd Matters


– $13,141 pledged
– 438% funded
– 625 backers

March 2016 – Daily Gun Show Podcast
We started a daily podcast.
– 90 minutes each weekday
– Now on episode 500+

June 2016 – Every 2nd Matters
We created an online community for Second Amendment activists

Gunshow Loophole Tour


– Every2ndMatters.com

Sept – Dec 2017 – Gun Show Loophole Tour 2017
11,000+ miles

– 18 States
– 43+ Days on the road
– 61 Gun Shops, including GFR Sponsor, AZFirearms.com
– 9 Firearms Museums
– 6 Gun Shows (in 6 states)”

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