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Mike Kunch

About Mike Kunch

Mike Kunch – retired Air Force, Right-Hand Volunteer at AZFirearms.com.

Mike is a husband, father, grandfather, a Christian, and passionate patriot. Mike has invested his life in serving others and passing along American Values. A staunch Constitutionalist, and a loyal friend, Mike served in the United States Air Force as a mechanic, keeping our military pilots safe in their aircraft for two decades.

From Mike:” I was born in a small town in Indiana in 1960, and graduated from high school in 1979. There were always plenty of opportunities to hunt, fish, and shoot so I grew up around incredible opportunities to be in the outdoors. Always loved fishing the most. There wasn’t much opportunity for work other then the steel mills and that wasn’t for me so I joined the Air Force in 1980. I spent a little over 20 years In Service and retired in 2000. I always found time to fish or hunt in between working and deploying. I am an avid gun collector and shooter more of a handgun guy than rifles. In 2000 we moved to Arizona, settled in the West Valley, and made it our home”.

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