Our Guests: Michael Gibbs

Michael Gibbs

About Michael Gibbs

Michael is the President of AzCDL and a registered lobbyist for the organization, as well as the Arizona Director of the Tenth Amendment Center.

Michael Gibbs is a Systems Engineer in the aerospace industry, a patented inventor, instrument-rated pilot, published author of numerous technical and political publications, rescue diver, and a highly involved advocate for our rights and freedoms.

He is a graduate and recruiter for the Center for Self-Governance and a supporter of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Offers Association. He is a lifetime member of the AzCDL, NRA, GOA, TAC, and SAF, and holds memberships with Campaign for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty.

He has been a guest speaker on various platforms such as the Liberty Amendment Dinner, the Arizona Liberty Coordinators, the ASU Republican Club, the Grassroots Tea Party Activists, and the Prescott and Deer Valley Tea Parties.

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