Our Guests: Maggie Mordaunt

Maggie Mordaunt

About Maggie Mordaunt

Maggie Mordaunt, Known in the industry as “CCW Maggie”. Maggie is the Owner and Lead Instructor for Homeland Personal Protection Firearms Training Co.

Maggie is an NRA Training Counselor currently teaching Instructors how to become Instructors. She is a Conceal Carry Weapons Instructor and DFC-Defensive Firearms Coach through the I.C.E. Training company. She’s been teaching Defense going on 8 years and has taught nearly 7000 students.  Maggie is on the Advisory Panel for CCW Safe Legal Service in addition to being the Nevada State Leader for “The Well Armed Woman. Maggie is a Mom and Wife and a Woman who believes Self-Defense is a Fundamentals Right. For fun, Maggie is a Hunter and loves to be in the outdoors and is an NDOW Hunter Safety Instructor.

In 2009 Maggie began her career by obtaining all the requirements necessary to become a CCW/CFP instructor which were the NRA Instructor ratings. For the initial two years, she offered the CCW/CFP courses with a few fundamental firearms training classes. With a great response from the community and student base following, Maggie taught and invested far more than the requirements necessary to become a NRA Training Counselor. In 2014 Maggie obtained her TC rating and has been teaching the NRA curriculums for students and instructor candidates to become certified.

“There is a big difference in learning how to shoot a gun vs. learning how to use a gun for self-defense”

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