Our Guests: Raymond and Leslie Funk

Leslie and Raymond Funk
Raymond and Leslie Funk

About Raymond and Leslie Funk

Raymond and Leslie Funk use their shared passions for the shooting sports and self-defense to create a common bond for themselves and other married couples who attend their Three Cord Marriage Training.

Their relationship is a testament to God’s grace and redeeming power for anyone who may be facing challenges in their marriage. While sharing married life together since 2010, they’ve overcome adultery, emotional abuse, and drug and pornography addictions. Taking firearms training together rekindled their connection and was instrumental in their reconciliation.

Knowing that the victory given to them was to be used to pay forward hope and restoration to others, they founded Three Cord Marriage, a tactical marriage community dedicated to strengthening and defending marriages against the ongoing worldly and spiritual attacks through Godly principles and our right to defend ourselves, our families, and our freedom. We’re In The Fight Together!

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