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Laura Evans of Legally Armed

About Laura Evans of Legally Armed

Laura Evans of Legally Armed

First and foremost, Laura Evans is a mother. Born and raised in a small rural town in upstate New York, she wasn’t exposed to guns in her childhood or early adult life. In fact, while her upbringing consisted of outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, and camping, guns weren’t familiar to her until she began working in the shooting sports industry.

From Laura: “Once an ‘anti-gun’ mother, I’ve grown into a passionate supporter of the Second Amendment. I spent too many years not listening to my heart, so now I’m making up for it by building bridges of communication that I hope transcend the ignorance and fear so many people profess.”


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Laura is a marketer and public relations practitioner who chooses to specialize in what she loves most; the shooting, hunting, and outdoor industry. She’s the mother of two, a wife, a daughter, and sister to a younger brother. Her daughter is halfway to earning her doctorate in Pharmacy, and her son is a United States Marine. Laura has a front row perspective on the effects of bigotry against first responders as her husband is a New York State Trooper. She is a Lifetime NRA member, and a delegate of The D.C. Project. As the Director of Marketing for Legally Armed America and Gun District, Laura is helping to change the landscape of pro-gun social media.

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