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Kevin Jackson

About Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson is a creator, director, movie producer, best selling author and nationally syndicated show host. He is the founder and CEO of The Kevin Jackson Network.

In the wake of the anti-police narrative that exploded in the summer of 2020, Kevin funded and produced the film, “Bleeding Blue” to offer a voice to the men and women who Serve in law enforcement.

Kevin is a loving husband and proud father of 4 boys. He was a volunteer who co-chaired on the board of the Missouri Adoption Exchange, for over ten years. Kevin knows that all people, even children in dire circumstances, can learn to overcome hardships and achieve great success. As they fill their minds with inspiring knowledge from mentors, they can become mentors themselves.

Kevin Jackson was orphaned at age five by the death of his mother and the incarceration of his father in San Quentin. Kevin and his older brother were raised by their grandparents in Brady, Texas on a 25,000 acre cattle ranch. It was under their watchful eye and example that Kevin acquired his indomitable spirit, passion to help others, love of country, virtues, and leadership skills. It is this pivot in life that bred Kevin’s focused work ethic and desire to reach and change communities; to help children of similar circumstances and others to experience life without victimhood, labels or ceilings.

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